Re: problem getting a snapscan to work

joakim verona (
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 22:39:26 +0000

Kevin Charter wrote:
> > hello!
> >
> > i'm trying to get a snapscan 310 scanner to work with sane.
> > i have fairly complicated setup,
> ...
> > snapscan backend 0.7
> ...
> > scanimage -d snapscan:/dev/sge
> >
> > gives the following(with DEBUG_SANE_SNAPSCAN set)
> > at the end it complains about io error,
> > and goes into some kind of loop.
> >
> > Any suggestions would be very apreciated!!!!
> Are your disks or other essential peripherals attached to
> the ncr card? As a last resort, you might consider taking
> that card out if you can and seeing if the scanner works
> with sane in a simplified system.

i will try this, but it will be fairly complicated.
i boot from ide drives (blush) so it is possible.

> Does this happen in all scanning modes, with all sizes of
> images? Does your system lock up? Can you give the exact
> text of the error message?

it doesnt really give any errors except those i posted.
the symptoms is that the scanner command(whichever i try)
just stops. the scanner hums slightly and the communication led
on the front flashes, but thats about it.

also, i now have terminated the scanner scsi bus, and the
symptoms are the same.

the symptoms are not always the same. sometimes the scanner dissapears
when i do find-scanners. sometimes it seems like the unit on the
other card with the same id as the scanner on that bus, apears in its
place on /dev/sge, but im not certain.

i dont understand why find-scanner finds the snapscan at both
/dev/sge and /dev/sg4. before doing my big-bang upgrade to new box
and new kernel, it only appeared on /dev/sgf.

it is all very strange and i dont know how to debug my setup in
a rational fashion. going down to a simpler setup is a start i guess,
so i will try that. thanks!

> Thanks,
> Kevin
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Joakim Verona

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