New realease of the microtek2 backend

Bernd Schroeder (
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 19:07:18 +0200


I have uploaded a new release of the microtek2 backend to .

This version allows to set options in the config file on a per device basis
and fixes some bugs. In particular 'Cancel preview' should work better
again, and mirrored images will probably be correctly displayed.

Also, I have started to write some online documentation, which will
hopefully be included into xsane. This documentation can also be found
on .

For this documentation I have compiled a list of (hopefully) all models
that should be supported by the microtek2 backend. This list contains
many question marks, because I do not know whether the respective models
work, or which modes work. If anybody has such a model and has had success
with it (or no success) I would like some feedback. Just so, if someone
finds a mistake in this list.


Bernd Schroeder 
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