Wrong colors with Scanmaker X6

Wim Taymans (wim.taymans@tvd.be)
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 16:34:56 +0200


I have a scanmaker X6. I use sane 1.0.1 with the microtek2 backend.
I have an Adaptec AVA-1505AE scsi card.

When I run xscanimage and start a preview, the colors are always
messed up: I think both red, green and blue are exchanged.
A scan also gives me wrong colors (with the default 72x72dpi).

When i set the resolution to 300x300dpi, preview still is
wrong but a real scan has the right colors.

What is wrong? I have attached a log.



Scanner attributes from device structure

Scanner ID...
Vendor Name: ' '
Model Name: 'Scanner 636A4 '
Revision: '1.40'
Model Code: 0x91 (X6)
Device Type Code: 0x06 (Scanner),
Scanner type: Flatbed scanner
Supported options: Automatic document feeder: Yes
Transparency media adapter: Yes
Auto paper detecting: Yes
Advanced picture system: No
Stripes: No
Slides: No
Scan button: Yes

Imaging Capabilities...
Color scanner: Yes
Number passes: 1 pass
Resolution: X-max: 600 dpi
Y-max: 1200 dpi
Geometry: Geometric width: 5100 pts (8.50'')
Geometric height: 7020 pts (11.70'')
Optical resol. : 600
Modes: Lineart: No
Halftone: No
Gray: Yes
Color: Yes
Depths: Nibble Gray: Yes
10-bit-color: No
12-bit-color: yes
d/l of HT pattern: No
Builtin HT patt.: 0
LUT capabilities: 4096 words

Miscellaneous capabilities...
Data format: Chunky data, R, G & B in one pixel
Color Sequence: R - G - B
CCD gap: 8 lines
CCD pixels: 5100
Calib wh str loc: -288
Max calib space: 80
Number of lens: 1
Max no of windows: 64
Sh trnsf func equ: 1
Buffer type: Ring

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