Epson GT7000 - light saver?

Dave Hill (
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 12:34:59 +0100


I have been lurking for a week or two to get a feel of the list.

I recently purchased an Epson GT7000 scanner for this Linux box.

I am using it with a Tekram DC390U card and everything works
fine (!) except for one small thing - how do I get the scanner
to turn the light off when it isn't in use?

When I power on the scanner, the carriage "shuffles" and the
light comes on. I would like to leave the scanner on all the
time (avoiding RESETS on my SCSI bus!) but I cannot see a way
of turning the light off.

I know that sane itself doesn't do this, so I suppose the
question is: Is the scanner supposed to do it (i.e. mine is
broken) or is there a utility to do it.

I don't know if the supplied software does it 'cos I can't
install it (not having Whingits 95 or 98!).

Dave Hill

Dave Hill, Kempston, Bedford UK
Sicth munce ago, I cutn't evun spel enjuneer, and now I are one!

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