Re: Umax Vista-S8 -- anyone get this working under linux/BSD?

Zot O'Connor (
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 10:32:28 -0700

Thanks to all, I accidentally found the problem.

My card (tekream 39-U2BW) was delaying forever on the 9 gig drives with
partitions, and complaining about the fact that dos can't do that, then
waiting for me to hit a key, or a number of seconds.

When I removed the error (>2G disabled) it stopped finding the scanner.

Hmmmmmm, I thought Hmmmmmm....

So I found a delay setting and set it to 10. It found the scanner....

So I guessed the scsi driver (ncr53c8xx) was not waiting for the Umax to
reply. Or more precisely, the UMAX takes FOREVER to reply (I think the
standards say .250 secs).

Luckily the driver has a "settle" time, which is the same thing.

Set it to 10 seconds, and it works.

Now my only issues are that I can't get the driver to reply to the
settle option (tried lilo, boot prompt, conf.modules->initrd, etc.), so
I hard compiled it. Redhat 2.2.5-15smp won't compile cleanly, so I have
to drop to non smp. I tried 2.2.12 but things got funky there too.

But the good news is that under non-smp I just scanned an image.

Boy is it MUCH faster than NT->photoshop->twain->umax.

2 minutes under a fast system was common (Cyrix233, 80Mb RAM), but this
was closer to 15 seconds!

I am getting happier :)

Thanks to all who replied. Just knowing it can be done was a great
boost. I hope this helps other people.

Oliver: Can you put a note to this effect in the man pages?

Zot O'Connor

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