An: New v4l backend (alpha)

Juergen G. Schimmer (
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 18:56:48 +0200


My (pre-alpha) v4l-Sane-backend is now available at

To install it, unpack it to the /backend subdirectory of the current
sane sourcetree, add v4l to the PRELOADABLE_BACKENDS
of the (Or to the Makefile), copy the line for umax
with sanei_constrain_value and change umax to v4l.
Make the backends (Dont run configure if you ondly have
changed the lines in the Makefile), add v4l in dll.conf, edit
v4l.conf and maybe it runs.

At the moment it is only testet with B&W Quickcam
(It works) and bttv (No Picture)

Somebody interested ?


Juergen G. Schimmer                   
.... und ausserdem sollte Windows geloescht werden!
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