Re: Microtek Phantom 636cx again

Levente NOVAK (
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 09:44:00 +0200 (MET DST)

On Mon, 4 Oct 1999, Bernd Schroeder wrote:

> Hi,
> > Hi all,
> > Some days ago, I posted a question in this newsgroup, but I was not
> > subscibed to the sane-devel list at that time and did not receive any
> > answer yet.
> > I have a Microtek Phantom 636cx parallel-port scanner and would like to
> > ...

> Here the backend tries to inquire the attributes of a 'stripe' mode, but
> I think, that this mode is not available for the Phantom 636cx. If you
> look into the function attach() in microtek2.c, you can see that there
> are several calls to the function scsi_read_attributes(). This function
> inquires the values for the scanner attributes, such as resolution and
> scan area for each scan mode like flatbed, transparency media adapter and
> so on separately.
> It will probably help to remove the calls to this function for all modes,
> but for flatbed mode. If you have problems, please send me an email or
> send another mail to this list.

OK, I will try to do this, however as I do not speak C, a little help
would be perhaps useful if I will not suceed.

> Also, it would be interesting to see the scanner attributes, which are
> printed to stderr, if 'option dump 1' is set in the microtek2.conf
> file.

I will post the output of the debug with "option dump 2" (that is what you
meant, isn't it?).
I played a little bit with scanimage yesterday, and I noticed that
after compiling and installing sane-1.0.1 on Debian Slink (2.1), I have a
problem even with the two PNM "pseudo-backends", as with "scanimage
--list-device", SANE did not recognise these "scanners". In contrast, if I
install the SANE 0.74 binary package (if I recall correctly its version
number) supplied on the Debian CD, the two PNG "scanners" were recognised.
It is strange, as I followed the README in compiling and installing Sane
1.0.1. And another remark: during installation of Sane 1.0.1, I got a
message "Warning: backends/ was not installed in /usr/local/lib"
or something like that (I am on a M$-Windows box now and don't remember
the exact phrase). Copying to /usr/local/lib or
/usr/local/lib/sane did not help either.
Can these observations be related to my scanning

> >
> > As I know some other people had success with Phantom 336cx, I am
> > wondering whether there is somebody who could help me. In the June
> > archive, Michele Bini posted a similar debug output, which differed
> They have had more or less success. The major problem with these models is,
> that they skip some lines at the beginning of the scan area and then try
> to scan beyond the scan area, and thus the scan head hits the bottom of
> the device.
> I have contacted Microtek in Taiwan to help me solve this problem, and have
> got an email response that they will look into this. However, in my
> experience, this is not a guarantee, that something will happen in the
> near future.

I hope they will respond soon :)
Anyways, thanks a lot for your help.


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