Trouble after installing xsane-0.28

root (
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 14:29:46 -0300

Hello all
I am now using Openlinux 2.2 and therefore my old problems regarding
compiling stuff are gone.
I re-installed sane-1.0.1 and worked well (I changed a variable in
sg.h as Oliver suggested).
My old UMAX-T30 plugged in a cheap scsi card using slow option worked
wonderfully. I was so
glad that I decided to install xsane-0.28 and the installation went
smooth as it can be. When I tried
to call xsane, it returns a error msg regarding a dll lib. I fixed that
by changing
Now the problem: once I call xsane my scanner does not work
anymore. It so slows that that
both preview and scan commands abort before 1%. Moreover xscanimage
does not work either.
I can't find the option slow anymore (advance options). I do not know
what to do anymore. Any help
will be most welcome.

Many thanks


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