Re: Fax-Scanner
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 02:22:46 +0100 (MET)

Hi !

> I am a new linux user with very small knoledges of linux. Bevor trying
> to change my system I had some questions:

> I have one linux-computer as an communication (internetsurfing),
> printing a samba server for four win95/98 computers. Is it possible to
> use this linux-server although for a scanner-server?

Yes. I have such a setup here. Works nice.

> What happens during the scanning? Does this server loose the rest of his
> functions? Scanning under windows95/98 the computer is not able to do
> anything other.

This depends on the scanner and the adapter card. I had (for slot
availability reasons) to use the crappy card that came with the scanner
(which ahs no interrupts), what causes Linux to go to a _VERY_ high load
while scanning.

The system still responds, but pretty slowly. Getting to the logon prompt
via telnet takes about 5-10 seconds.

However usually you shouldn't notice a big slowdown, when using sane
hardware. Forget about most parallel port scanners, though.
Check if your scanner is supported with SANE first.

> Is it possible to use the scanner fixed to the linux-computer from my
> windows clients?

Yes. You can do so via a CGI script (i.e. with your webbrowser), by
remote loggin in, and since the recent development of the sane->twain
bridge even directly from Win.

CU, ANdy

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