Gnome tools and separation

Craig Small (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 13:18:30 +1100 (EST)

G'day All,
A while back David asked someone to gnomeify the X SANE tools, I took
up his offer. Now I'd like to get them into the mainstream instead of
hiding on the gnome CVS server.

To do this I'll need to have the libraries available and probably need
a name change (gxscanimage?). I'll also need some more advise on how
to best split the stuff up.

Any ideas from the list? or suggestions? I'm re-subscrbing to the list
but that may take a few days.

- Craig

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> In what respect ? I know LHII is very limited as compared to SANE, but it
> should suffice for those simple handscanners - right ?

Yes, but it has some quirks and ambiguities I don't like. For example setting
modes.. If you specify both a depth and mode, which should take precedence?
What if you specify both BPL and margins? And the select_threshold seems to
be a bad hack. Select (well, poll in the module, these days), should just
check if there's _any_ data immediately available. If the user wants to know
better, he can manually poll and check how much stuff is in the internal

> > Or does anyone have other suggestions for an ioctl interface of a hand
> > scanner device? I may well end up doing a new one, and then a sane
> > backend that uses that.
> That is an interesting option, and I'd gladly try to help you with that.
> It is more work, though, and it would mean all drivers would have to be
> ported, but actually I'd even say this is the "right" thing to do.

Yup.. are any other LHII drivers still in use these days, that the interface
was worth supporting in sane?

Making a simple scanman-specific interface would keep the kernel module size
at a minimum.

> With SANE, one could employ a KGI-like scheme. That is _thin_ hardware layer
> in kernel, and then tailored userspace-lib that knows how to talk to it.

That has always seemed the Right Thing to me. The kernel should just provide a
safe, possibly standardized interface to access the hardware, and not do
anything to the actual data coming from the hardware, unless emulation is
_really_ necessary. All manipulation stuff should be done in user space.

> > Also, is there any hardware documentation existing (available),
> > besides the small document and (somewhat sparse) comments in the driver
> > source?
> No. The driver was reverse engineered from the logitech DOS driver.
> I don't know myself what it _exactly_ does.

You wouldn't happen to have the disassembly stored anywhere? As I don't have
much dos debugging tools...

There's a mention of some specification in the CREDITS file, though..

Lauri Alanko

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