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Mathias Koerber (
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 14:27:49 +0800 (SGT)

There may be hope for my Dimage Scan Dual yet !

Thanks a lot !

On Wed, 18 Nov 1998, David Rose wrote:

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| Subject: News from Minolta
| Good news from Minolta! They are interested in facilitating a Linux
| port of their hardware. I met with some representatives from Minolta
| today at Comdex, and they are definitely willing to work with me to
| get the QuickScan 35 going under Linux. Although we didn't talk about
| other scanners or cameras, surely they will soon follow if the
| QuickScan port goes well.
| They have some concerns, though. They are reluctant to release the
| SCSI protocol, primarily because of potential liability concerns. As
| I understand it, they are worried that if someone writes a poor driver
| for their hardware, it could easily damage the scanner, or much more
| seriously, might conceivably start a fire and lead to other personal
| or property damage. Minolta is concerned, rightly or wrongly, that
| they might be held liable for such damage caused by their hardware, no
| matter who wrote the driver. And in today's world, who can argue.
| But they are intrigued because they know that other, competing
| companies (for instance, Nikon) have released sufficient documentation
| to facilitate writing a SANE driver for their equipment. They would
| like to know the nature of the agreement(s), if any, these companies
| entered into before releasing said information--this might encourage
| them to emulate those companies.
| What can anyone tell me about this? People who have worked with
| other scanner and camera companies, what experiences have you had?
| Many thanks!
| David
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