Any hope for Mustek A3 EP (not SCSI)?

Ben Jones (
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 16:42:40 -0500

Having just bought a Mustek A3 parallel port scanner (for UKP 130, instead
of most A3 scanners at UKP 1-2000!) I find that it only has Win95/Win32
drivers so doesn't work with OS/2 ...

So no surprise there. ;-)

I was however hoping that SANE, CFM Twain or Solution Technologies might
provide a solution. It seems none does at present, but SANE comes closest
with a couple of parallel port devices, even one by Mustek (although a
slightly different beast). I tried Yuri Dario's OS/2 port, but it didn't

So my question ... Is there any chance of any development on a Mustek A3 EP
backend (specific or general), and if so is there any way I can help? I'm
no programmer, but I'm more than happy to test stuff and report the
results! (FWIW I also have access to a Primax 4800 parallel port scanner,
in case someone's working on a driver for that too.)

I look forward to your answer -- but I'll be quite satisfied with a
single-line "Very unlikely to happen within the next year!" etc. as I'm
sure you're busy.

Ben Jones

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