Re: SANE_VERSION_CODE macro question

Matto Marjanovic (
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 00:29:02 -0400 (EDT)

>From: Chris Pinkham <>
>I was looking through the SANE documentation online the other day and I
>read the section describing the SANE_VERSION_CODE macro. I did not
>notice anyone using the 'build' part in their backends and was wondering
>if there is a reason this is not being done or if I should start using
>this in the Artec backend I am working on.

Ya know... I think that *every* backend has a line like this in it:

*version_code = SANE_VERSION_CODE (V_MAJOR, V_MINOR, 0);

which assigns the version code of the backend to that of the SANE
distribution release....

Is that correct? It seems like the intent is that it should be the version
number of particular backend --- with the guideline that backend major
numbers must match the major number of the SANE API which they correspond to.

-matt m.

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