Re: Apple OneScanner/Color OneScanner status?

Milon Firikis (
Mon, 07 Sep 1998 13:14:16 +0300

Ian R. Justman wrote:

> Here's the patch I came up with:
> --- apple.c.orig Wed Sep 2 00:35:21 1998
> +++ apple.c Tue Sep 1 20:44:59 1998
> @@ -2501,7 +2501,7 @@
> if (data_length)
> {
> - if (result[3] & 1) /* Scanner Blocked: Retrieve data */
> + if ((result[3] & 1) || data_av) /* Scanner Blocked: Retrieve data */
> {
> "sane_read: (status) Available in scanner buffer %u.\n",
> At the end of the scan, the block flag has been dropped, yet there might
> be data in the scanner buffer. If the check for the block flag fails, it
> immediately checks to see if there is any remaining data. If so, the
> backend will empty the buffer for the last time.

Wait a minute. I have some questions.

1) What scanner do you have? (OneScanner or ColorOneScanner, both?)

2) How big is the internal buffer? (AppleScanner has 256 bytes)

3) Before your patch: Does the backend was actually scanning? Did it
open the lamp?

4) After you patch: Does everything works as expected? In all modes?

5) If (4==TRUE) what about the round offs in scan area that are imposed
by the specific model you have. Note that in case of an unexpected round
offs the SANE may wait bigger/smaller image and that may lead to
undesired warnings and cropped images.

Your patch looks that fixes a situation at the end of a scan. Although
this is fine with me, the problems I had so far (other users actually
had them) was that the scanner wasn't starting the scan at all.


> Cool. Any way I could get a copy of the most recent copy of the sources
> to the Apple backend? I would lilke to see what's happening with it thus
> far.

Nop there is no way to get newer sources than the ones that they are
coming with the sane-0.74. I haven't code anything since then and I
don't know anybody who did.

Milon Firikis

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