I am Having Problems Using SANE (Plz Hlp!)

Michael Short (mshort@carlsbadpo.vividimage.com)
Thu, 03 Sep 98 16:39:00 PDT

I have d/l'd and installed the .74 version of sane.

I connected up an HP 4P scanner, and I used xscanimage. This worked fine,
and I was able to aquire
the image placed on the scanner.

I have done something, or ommited a step to the configuration, that is
now keeping me from
propperly using SANE.

I have not changes any of the source.
I have gone ahead and removed my SANE Install and removed all the files
pertaining to sane in the

I removed my installation tree for SANE, and tehn went ahead and reopened
the archived distribution.
I then followed teh instructions in README, adn I can not get the SANE
package to function.

I can run scanimage with all the command line info there, and it will
work. It will not find my scanner, I have
to specify the type of scanner, adn the location. This is most likely
where the problem lies. I can enter somethign like this:

scanimage -d hp:/dev/scanner <other options>

and it will work fine

what would keep my scanner from being detected? Could somethign in my
system config be altered?
I am kind of lost at this point.

I am trying to find out how the FrontEnd , and Backend work together. I
have written Scanner drivers before, and I understand
how communication to scanners works. I would like to get the SANE package
working before I attempt to modify or change any of the backends, or
begin to work on my own backends.

I have had trouble setting up the debug info properly, or getting debug
info printed onthe screen, is there somethine that needs
to be defined in a config file, to generate this debug info? I have set
environment variables, but have never seen any messages.

I am kind of frustrated, I like the SANE project, I have been trying to
figure out what has gone wrong in my config. I have worked on it for
about a week, and I figured I should turn to the list for help. I am sure
that I have not given all the details needed to help me, so if someone is
willing to take a few momwnts and attempt to help me, please email me
privately and I will answe any questions about my configuration..

Thanks to all for reading my problem,

If you can help please email me privately: mshort@vividimage.com


Mike Short

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