When will SANE we gtk+-0.99.8 compliant?

Arnoud de Geus (Arnoud.de.Geus@IAEhv.nl)
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 13:22:56 +0100


I recently bought a Scanjet 5P, and was advised to use
Gimp/Sane for scanning under Linux.

I generated and installed Gtk+ 0.99.8, Gimp 0.99.23,
and both seem to work fine. Then I tried to generate
Sane 0.71, and got the following problems:

1. During Gtk installation the file glibconfig.h was not
installed to /usr/local/include, but /usr/local/include/glib.h
includes this file. A copy action quickly resolved this

2. frontend/gtkglue.c seems to make calls to older versions
of Gtk to functions no longer in the library:

gtk_tooltips_set_tips has disappeared and a new functions
gtk_tooltips_set_tip has to be used. Furthermore
gtk_tooltips_unref is no longer there.

3. frontend/xcam.c does a call to gdk_set_debug_level
which also had disappeared.

Last but not least, the documentation which comes with
Sane, is quite brief on the following. What to do, when
you installed Sane with make install, to get your
HP Scanjet to work (adding a device in /dev and so

greetings, Arnoud.de.Geus@iae.nl

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