Sane-0.71, Apple Color Onescanner, Solaris 2.6, scg SCSI driver

Jeff Norrell (
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 21:15:42 -0600

To the developers of Sane:

I have recently installed the following hardware/software

Ultra1 Sparcstation
Solaris 2.6 operating system
Sane 0.71
scg SCSI driver
Apple Color OneScanner
Canon backend

I had a bit of trouble during installation that needed fixing
so thought I would write in to let you know what occured and
what my solution was.

After building Sane, installing scg, and attaching the scanner,
find-scanner recognized the Apple scanner as a Canon model,
located at /dev/scg0e, which matched the scanner's SCSI ID
number of 4.

However, any attempt to run xscanimage or scanimage resulted in
an error related to an improper device, even if the explicit
device of /dev/scg0e was entered. (Write permissions to the device,
including links from /dev/scanner, were set up to allow the group
"scanner" access to the device.)

Setting the debug modes to maximum, including for the scsi interface,
I saw that the program was trying to open a device "r".

I went through the canon.c backend code and noticed that within
the canon backend, the device "/dev/scanner" was hard-coded in.

Reading through the Sane scsi code, I noticed that, due to the
way Solaris interacts with the scg driver, the code peeled off the
last letter of the specified device to use it as an identifier.

I ended up replacing the "/dev/scanner" declaration in canon.c with
"/dev/scg0e" and recompiling Sane.

This actually worked quite well, and we are successfully acquiring
color scans on the Apple Color OneScanner using the Canon backend.
This includes both on the machine to which the scanner is attached,
and across our net using saned.

I did have one instance of xscanimage hanging as it tried to open
/dev/scg0e but upon subsequent excutions, the problem did not

I haven't seen any configuration quite like this in the mailing
list archives and wanted to let you know of another successful

The code is a great thing! Thank you for developing it!

If there are any questions I can answer or anything upon which
I can elaborate, please feel free to contact me.

Jeff Norrell
Doctoral Candidate, Mechanical Engineering
University of Texas at Austin

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