About Epson GT-5000 scanner

Jung Kyo Lee (jklee@www.amc.seoul.kr)
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 14:35:10 +0900

I know that The GT-5000 is not a SCSI device.
I connected it to the parallel port of my notebook(Toshiba 500CDT), and
use well on windows95.
I installed SANE 0.71 with Redhat Linux 5.0 and connected scanner to the
parallel port.
I executed find_scanner, but my linux can't find scanner. No message
after find_scanner.
When I started scanimage, there is a message that inadequite device
There are sga-sgh in my /dev directory.
I sym-linked /dev/scanner with all sg*, but I can't still use the
How can I use it?

I also have a Adaptec SCSI adapter(1460A slim SCSI) and it works well on
my linux machine.
Please send me a reply. Thanks, bye!
Please reply to me this adress

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