Re: MicroTek scanner

Rogier Wolff (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 17:45:32 +0100 (MET)

Wolfgang Kvhler wrote:
> Many thanks for your detailed answer !
> Now I understand a little bit better what is going on in my scanner.
> Obviously it is the small buffer size, even in the case of grey-scale
> scanning, that causes the drastic slow down when the scan width exceeds
> a certain limit.
> BTW, would it be possible to split the image horizontally into
> two (or more) narrower and scan these subsequently ?
> Or will this trick cause an little offset between the lines because the
> vertical positioning is not absolutely the same ?

As my scanner has a different problem (it has passed the place to scan
when I issue the next "give me the next bunch of data"), it backtracks

I'd expect small artifacts due to this. Not at all. The positioning
seems to be very good.

If the number of bytes per second indeed goes down, I'd expect good
results from doing a two-pass scan..... (even if you've just put down
some money to get a single pass scanner instead of a three pass
one... ;-)


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