Re: Adaptec AVA-1502AE vs. aha152x

Peter JD Hall (
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 19:34:08 -0500

Hi Mike,
I have read on the net that there is some problem with sane 71 working
with the micotek backend. Currently I am using sane .70. I will stay with
this version until the issue is resolved. I have not set up the gimp as I
really only need line art scanning B/W for my purposes. I do not know if
these two chips are the same. I will have to open my box later this week.
I will let you know at that time if mine is different.
In /etc/conf.modules
<alias ppp0 ppp
alias ppp1 ppp
alias scsi_hostadapter aha152x
alias slip0 slip
alias slip1 slip
alias tty-ldisc-1 slip
alias tty-ldisc-3 ppp
# Options
options dummy0 -o dummy0
options dummy1 -o dummy1>


#/sbin/modprobe 53c7,8xx
#/sbin/modprobe NCR53c406a
/sbin/modprobe aha152x aha152x=0x140,10,7,1
#/sbin/modprobe aha1542
.............................................................. snip
#/sbin/modprobe scsi_syms
#/sbin/modprobe sd_mod
#/sbin/modprobe seagate
/sbin/modprobe sg
#/sbin/modprobe sr_mod
#/sbin/modprobe st
#/sbin/modprobe u14-34f
#/sbin/modprobe ultrastor
#/sbin/modprobe wd700
# This loads any kernel modules that are needed. These might be required
# use your CD-ROM drive, bus mouse, ethernet card, or other optional
if [ -x /etc/rc.d/rc.modules ]; then
. /etc/rc.d/rc.modules

Well Mike I hope this is some help. The problem I had was with the linking
of the scanner with the correct device ie sge in my case. I have the
required driver compiled into the kernel and then I turn on the scanner
when I want to use it but I was not able to get it working as a loadable
Peter Hall
PS I don't really know much about this but I kept on hacking until it
Mike wrote:

> Hi...
> I've seen a mail from you in the mostang mail list.
> I think you can give me some hints...
> I am running a linux box with Slackware 3.3.0 and kernel 2.0.33, gimp
> latest, sane-0.71 and gtk+ latest.
> I have been desperatedly working in the past 2 days on having the
> Adaptec AVA-1502AE (not simply AVA-1502E: 1st question:
> IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE 2?) recognized by linux. My attempts
> failed. I tried both with sg and aha152x compiled into the kernel with a
> lilo command line AND with the modularized version of the 3 scsi modules
> (scsi_mod sg and aha152x).
> I suppose in both cases I provided the wrong configuration line.
> Has it to be exactly aha152x=0x140,9,7,0,1,1?? (while the defaults would
> be 0x140,11,7,1,1,0,100,0)
> I tried with aha152x=0x140,9,7,1 leaving the rest as default, with no
> success.
> The thing I especially wonder about is, whether the AVA-1502E and
> AVA-1502AE are the same card and chip.
> In my scanner (Microtek ScanMaker E3) manual, for example, I have the
> card referred to as AVA-1502E, but on the card chip the type is
> AVA-1502AE. In the manual I have 5 jumpers, IRQ9, IRPQ10, IRQ11, IRQ12
> and ALT.
> On the card I have:
> INT0
> INT1
> IRQ12
> IRQ11
> IRQ10
> IRQ9
> Another question is: do you need in /etc/conf.modules the entries 'alias
> sga sg' and 'scsi_hostadapter aha152x'??
> Thanx for your attention, and I rely very much upon some (needed) help.
> Michael.
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