Microtek ScanMaker 330

Tomas Hecker (hecker@uni-paderborn.de)
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 06:43:32 +0100

Hi everybody!

When I bought my scanner a couple of days ago, I did not really think
I was going to use it with FreeBSD - but then I ran across SANE ;)

(Un)fortuantely my scanner seems to be pretty new and it isnīt
supported, yet.

So what I wanted to ask is, if thereīs already someone working on
a backend for these new Microtek scanners with the SCSI-2 interface.
If so, Iīll wait quietly ;)
If not, Iīd spend my spare time on hacking until I get something out
of my scanner (hopefully) :)

So please tell me if someoneīs already working on it ...


Tomas Hecker                             email: hecker@uni-paderborn.de
                                          Tel.: 05254 / 953348

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