Re: sane 0.71 and microtek E3

Bob van der Poel (
Fri, 06 Mar 1998 12:06:08 -0700

Eric Goebelbecker wrote:
> Thus spake Mark <> on Fri, Mar 06, 1998 at 01:29:23PM -0500 :
> > Bob: don't feel bad, the EXACT same thing happened to me. I was
> > installing SANE on a P166 running Red Hat 5.0, 2.0.33 with a Microtek E3.
> > We can get mtekscan to work, but SANE does the same thing, compiled file,
> > pretty sure configured correctly, blah blah yackety smackety, can see the
> > scanner, but when you scan, it waits for a minute and gives an I/O error
> > message and the scanner needs to be turned off before it can see it again.
> > I was reluctant to post anything because I thought I had done something
> > wrong, but if mtekscan works, one would think I set up the SCSI stuff
> > properly, now wouldn't one? Would really like to get this to work, else
> > our College Sys Admin has threatened to put 95 on the machine!!! If anyone
> > has gotten SANE to work with an E3, please write me so we can save a
> > computer from the horrid 95 virus!!! (OK, so I have played xbill too
> > much...)
> >
> I'm running 4.2 on a PPRO 200. I have a similar problem with
> my E3 if I turn it off and on again, and try to use it without
> rebooting.

Gosh...two fast replies saying that it didn't work for me either. Well,
confession time. It did work for me, ONCE.

Earlier this week I compilied sane 0.70. The configure program
complained about no gamma_curve_new (or sometthing like that) so it did
not compile the xscanimage. However, I when to the frontend directory
and did a make xscanimage. Then, from the frontend directory I typed
xscanimage and all worked. It scanned fine! Flushed with success, I
copied the xscanimage to my /usr/local/bin where it not longer worked (I
handn't realized that this was a bash file...). So, I deleted xscanimage
and tried make again. The funny thing is that I can no longer get
xscanimage to compile under 0.70. But, checking the web site I found
that there was a, again, flushed with anticipation, I grabbed
that. And now I can compile, but not run.

Something very serious is wrong here fellows!

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