Bug in Microtek-Backend?

Timo Neumann (james@Uni-Hohenheim.DE)
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 00:19:01 +0100 (CET)

Hi all,

if I scan a 10x15 cm large photo with more than 236 dpi for the
Gimp, something´s getting stuck. Xscanimage scans the image but
the transmission to gimp seems to fail. CPU-load is 100% till I
kill the xscanimage-process.
Xscanimage says that with 237dpi the image would be 3.8Mbytes and
1417x954 points large.
The last working values are: 236dpi, 3.6Mbytes, 1382x921 pt.

I can scan the same image with stand-alone xscanimage with up to
600dpi (25 Megs) without any problems, though.

This is perfectly reproducable.

The environment:
Microtek Scanmaker E6 on Adaptec AHA2940
Sane 0.70
Gimp 0.99.18

If you want more infos (I´m sure you will ;-) please tell me.



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