Re: Mustek Paragon 1200SP and transparancy

Alexander Schulz (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 23:22:11 +0100 (CET)

Hello again,

>>David Mosberger-Tang:
>In theory, the Mustek backend can already detect the presence of a
>transparency adapter (but it doesn't know much else). If you set
>environment variable SANE_DEBUG_MUSTEK to a value >=2, you should see
>a message of the form:

[mustek] attach: firmware revision 1.02
[mustek] attach: scanner has automatic line-distance correction
[mustek] attach: found Mustek scanner model MFS-12000SP (flatbed scanner),
1-pass, TA

thats what my scanner says. But that is not the problem. You can scan normal
documents with the full size even if the TA is _installed_. Only if you tell
the scanner to _use_ trancparency, it switches the two lights and moves the
head. So from this moment on you must scan only 254mm. If you change the
input type back to "Flatbed", you have the full scan area again. So it seems
one must even tell the frontend (if it has a preview) that the area is
smaller while scanning transparent documents?!

I think I will search my sane documentation first, too many thinks I don't
know about the commuication between the frontend and the backend.

>Patches for supporting transparancy adapters would be of course very
>welcome (I don't have such a beat myself). If you end up playing with
>this, let me know and I'll see about getting the Mustek SCSI command
>docs to you.

I would like to help, as time permits, but as I said, first I'll check the
docs now...


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