Compilation problems and fix for 0.68 with Gtk 0.99.2

Ben Gertzfield (
04 Jan 1998 01:29:14 -0800

I'm not on this mailing list right now, so please Cc: me if responding
-- this is a quick fix I made that will help you all in compiling SANE
with Gtk 0.99.2.

Gtk 0.99.2 has been released, and the function gtk_tooltips_destroy
has been renamed to gtk_tooltips_unref.

This tiny patch to frontend/gtkglue.c lets SANE compile with Gtk

--- sane-0.68.orig/frontend/gtkglue.c
+++ sane-0.68/frontend/gtkglue.c
@@ -801,7 +801,7 @@
GSGDialogElement *elem;
int i, j;

- gtk_tooltips_destroy (dialog->tooltips);
+ gtk_tooltips_unref (dialog->tooltips);
gtk_widget_destroy (dialog->main_hbox);

/* free the menu labels of integer/fix-point word-lists: */

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