Xmas Scanner Blues

Christoper.Riddoch (Christopher.Riddoch@Colorado.EDU)
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 14:38:29 -0700 (MST)

Hi, everybody.

I'm realizing I should have been more specific in my Christmas wishes... I
got an AcerScan Prisa 310S that came with a DTC card. First glance at the
SCSI-HOWTO told me I was in trouble with the DTC card, but I found a DTC
device driver in the kernel sources for 2.0.33...

The writing on the card looks like this:


I can't get the TWAIN update for Photoshop 3.x from Adobe's FTP site,
called tech support today telling them their FTP server is down (which it
is) [421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection] and
would they please email me the update, and no they wouldn't. Would I
consider buying Photoshop 4? No. I can't afford it. Well, they don't give
out that patch anymore. Gee. Thanks. (Click.) Sorry. I had to get that off
my chest.

So I'm stuck in Windoze using Ultra-Cheez-Scan-A-Greeting-Card software,
exporting and importing to Photoshop to tweak it, but I don't even like
Photoshop now that I've got the GIMP in X. Too much trouble to reboot
for every scan.

Anyway... here's the question: Would it be more difficult than it's worth
to write a scsi driver for the DTC card and a sane driver for the AcerScan
than it would be to pull the receipt from my parents and get a different
[highly supported] scanner? I have some knowledge of C and C++, but I'm
really more of a software than a hardware person.

And if so, could somebody please recommend a good sane-compat scanner &
scsi card?

Chris Riddoch | riddoch@colorado.edu

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