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borm (
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 14:08:27 +0000 (GMT)

On Fri 12 Dec, Mark Andrachek wrote:
> Any, the card the E6 comes with is an adaptec 1502 (or 1502E), it
> only supports one scsi device. Although not officially supported,
> a small change will get it working as an aha152x.
now I'm a bit curious. I got a 1502 with my SMIII. Right now I'm
using it with the scanner, a cdrom drive (16x) and a cd burner (4x)
withhout problem. I have had the same PLUS two 3.2 GB fireballs,
a 4 speed cdrom AND a syquest 270MB removable working with the same
card at the same time (a total of 7 devices). Without any problem.
The only thing about the 1502 is that you can't boot from it.

> I recommend using it as a module, so you can turn the scanner on,
> insmod it, use the scanner, rmmod it, turn the scanner off.
> I'd like to see MS do that! :)
the fact that MS can't do something doesn't mean that it's hard to
accomplish. MS can make the trivial impossible (that's a feat in its
own right) ;-)
By the way, I use an Acorn RiscOS based computer. Under this OS you
don't even have to ins/rm mod anything... and that's an Os with an
installed user base of something like 300-500 thousand (?) if something
that small can support anything it HAS to be easy.

> Hallow

regards, Theo.

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