Sane with HP ScanJet 4p

Adam Sjoegren (
09 Dec 1997 23:35:40 +0100


I have just installed Gimp 0.99.15 and Sane 0.68. It works nicely with
my scanner, which is an HP ScanJet 4p. Here is the info from

Host: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 02 Lun: 00
Vendor: HP Model: C1130A Rev: 3540
Type: Processor ANSI SCSI revision: 02

I guess what you call "Product Id" in this case is "C1130A 3540"..

I have some comments on xscanimage (which integrates with The Gimp
beautifully, great work!!):

Ideas for improvement:

* I miss some short-cuts (like Ctl-Q for Quit). I can add them
interactively, but they disappear when I restart xscanimage.

* I would like to be able to type an exact number for the values
(sometimes it is hard to get exactly 75 dpi with the slider, when
that is what I want!)

* Keep separate default brightness/contrast pairs for each scan
mode. Usually the b/c values good for scanning colour pictures are
too low for lineart, and so on - if a different default was kept
for each scanmode, it would be easier!

* When you choose "Show advanced options", the window grows. But if
you de-select it, the window doesn't shrink again!


There seems to be some problems with the range of Scan Resolution, I
can move it from 12 to 1600 dpi, but the scanner cannot go above 600
dpi. I guess it is the scanners fault, because it reports that it can
do 1600 dpi, when you ask it (via scl). I have modified hpscanpbm
earlier (for myself only), to report extra info, and this is what the
scanner tells me:

Native resolution: 300
Firmware date: 40, 1995

Minimum x resolution: 12
Present x resolution: 100
Maximum x resolution: 1600

Minimum y resolution: 12
Present y resolution: 100
Maximum y resolution: 1600

Minimum x scale: 12
Present x scale: 100
Maximum x scale: 600

Minimum y scale: 12
Present y scale: 100
Maximum y scale: 600

Perhaps there is a mixup between "resolution" and "scale" (or perhaps
I have misunderstood the scl-definition); it seems that "scale" is
what range the dpi can be set to...

That was my comments. Thanks for writing this excellent piece of

Best regards,

 Adam Sjøgren                                       

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