DTC3181A card usable in Linux?

Raymond A. Ingles (inglesra@frc.com)
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 13:56:54 -0500 (EST)

I noted with happiness that the DTC3181E SCSI card that comes with many
Mustek scanners has been known to work with Linux (not well, but it can
be at least functional).

When I'd gotten my scanner I'd read ahead and gotten an NCR53c815
controller, and never bothered setting up the scanner in DOS/Win, so I'd
never even taken the SCSI card that came with the scanner out of the bag.

Having visions of equipping my old 386 box with a SCSI controller (hey,
I'm wierd, what can I say) I did in fact take it out of the bag, and
found out...

...it's a DTC3181A. Not a DTC3181E. Anyone want to hazard a guess on my
chances? Anyone know what (if any) differences there may be?


Ray Ingles (248) 377-7735 ray.ingles@fanucrobotics.com

"Anybody who has ever seen a photograph showing the kind of damage that
a trout traveling that fast can inflict on the human skull knows that
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