Re: second SCSI controller..

Benedikt Eric Heinen (
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 06:39:27 +0100 (CET)

> > I just found out that SANE has problems recognizing a scanner attached to
> > the second SCSI bus. SANE kept initializing the SCSI 0 bus...
> > So, is there a way of attaching it to the second SCSI bus?
> Sure... It works for me :-)

<AOL>Me too...</AOL> ;)

> BUT:
> a) you should load sg.o AFTER loading the second SCSI Module

Hmm, that's not the case here. My setup is:

Kernel contains eata-dma driver and scsi-generic-support. The
scanner is attached to a Buslogic controller, and the buslogic
module is loaded from /etc/modules; so by the time the support
for the scsi controller gets loaded, the sg support is already

> IBM DPES 31800 will crash the partiotiontable if you use the mustel
> driver on sga (iif the disk is sda)
The same goes for wrong access to a Yamaha CD-Writer as well... ;)
I made the mistake, that once I took an external CD-ROM out of the system,
and due to that all the SG devices behind it "moved forward" (sgc -> sgb,
sgd -> sgc). Unfortunately, that meant that the CD-Writer became sgb while
the second disk became sgc... Bye bye partitiontable..... :(

Since then, I use the CD-Writer as the physically last device, so that
/dev/cdwriter will point to "nowhere" if I take a component out of the
system. I've done the same to the scanner (attached to a second box), and
I'd recommend this to everyone.


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