sane-0.68 available

David Mosberger-Tang (
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 01:04:38 -0800

Just a quick note that sane-0.68 is now available in the usual places.
Among the more important changes:

- Jeff's Java frontend is included

- Mustek 600 II N is now supposed to work (but test at your own

- Umax updates (I think the Astra 610 should now work)

- Oliver's find-scanner program is now included (see tools directory)

- various bug fixes big and small

Remind me if I forgot anything---it's late here...

This time, I built both RH4.2 alpha and RH5.0 x86 RPMs. It's all at, as usual.

Oh, you may also have noticed a face lift for the SANE home page.
That's primarily the good work of Oliver. You'll notice that most of
the applications/middleware/drivers pages are mostly empty (with the
notable exception of Oliver's umax page). The idea is that
eventually, there is a meaningful page for each SANE frontend/backend.
If you wrote, maintain one or simply use a backend, all contributions
are welcome!

Thanks to everbody who sent new stuff, fixes, and/or reported bugs.



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