Success: HP Scanjet IIcx works with sane-0.67

Alexander Jolk (
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 12:08:24 +0100

Hi, everybody

I've only just subscribed to this mailing list... We have a HP
ScanJet IIcx scanner that seems to work with sane-0.67 under
Linux-2.0.31 attached to an Adaptec 1515 SCSI Hostadapter. The system
is an old UMC 486-33 with 20MB RAM. I tested it using xscanimage both
standalone and as a plug-in to the GIMP 0.99.14. Besides, it is just
plain great to be able to use it in these two different ways!

I noticed some strange behaviour though, and I'm not sure whether it
is related to our scanner being different from the tested Scanjet 3p
and up, or if xscanimage has some, well, oddities. If someone could
comment on this, I would appreciate your input.

First, the `tooltips' that show up when you leave your mouse over the
select list for Color/Gray/Halftone/B-W pop up even after you press
the mouse button and obscure the lower part of the list.

Second, I tried to adjust the scanning resolution, but the slider just
would not follow the mouse. I can change the resolution by clicking
left or right of the slider, but dragging does not work. Anyone else
seen this?

Apart from these little quirks, I'm glad we can start using our
scanner under Linux! Thanks, folk!


Alexander Jolk * * +49-721-608-3572

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