Mustek600IICD / lost lines

Klaus Weglehner (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 18:32:28 +0200 (MET DST)

I'm not sure whether this is an english mailing list or not.
Hope you will understand although my english is very bad.

I have serious problems get my Mustek Paragon 600 working
with sane.
My Systemconfiguration looks like this:

-Kernel 2.0.29 with Buffer for SCSI gerneral devices set
to maximum running on a VLB 486 at 80Mhz.
-The Scanner is labeled with "Mustek Paragon 600 II CD"
and sane shows the following ID: MFC-06000CZ.
-I'm using sane-0.65 but tried 0.66 yesterday with no

First of all I tried the SCSI card which comes with the
Scanner (DTC3181). It does not work at all under Linux even
with the special patch for the 3181.
Then I tried an old ST-01 from Seagate. It seems to work
under Linux but can't deal with the scanner. The scanner
starts blinking with the front LED but moves not an inch.
The same occours with an old FutureDomain which is no
wonder because it uses the same driver.
After playing around a long time with the DTC I got
rid of the damn thing and bought an Adaptec 1505 expecting
to have no more trouble.
But I was wrong. First of all I was a little bit confused
because the Adaptec driver shows still no Modell-ID at
SCSI-Startup. But since sane can determine the ID well
I suppose this is ok, isn't it?
I tried to scan a LineArt picture and everything seems to
work well. But when I tried to scan Color or even Grayscale
pictures the scanner mechanic moves to its physical end and
makes the well known sound which is described in the
I can limit the scaning area to a non-dangerous value, but
the image seems to be compressed in y-direction and the
scaning range was always more than I have specified on
the comandline. After a few experiments I recognized that
there were lines dropped in the scanned image. This happens
always at the same position and depends only on the setting
of STRIP-HEIGHT. I suppose it happens at the end
or the beginning of such a scanned block specified in
mustek.conf because when I set STRIP-HEIGHT to a very
small value like 0.1 the dropouts occour exact with this
distance. When I do not set STRIP-HEIGH at all it happens
about every 1.5 inch. It seems like the scanner scans more
lines as the software expects. This lost lines are then
scanned "again" what causes the errors in the scan area
length calculation.
I nearly forget: It happens only with higher resolutions.
If I activate the backtrack option the image will be ok
but the scanning process becomes unusable slow (about
10 mins for two inch) and the mechanic is moving back and
force all the time.

I have really no idea how to fix this. Can anybody help me?
A tip how to get the Adaptec 1505 with the supplied
Windows-Twain-Driver working would be very useful too.

Thanks a lot!!

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