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Network Protocol

5 Network Protocol

The SANE interface has been designed to facilitate network access to image acquisition devices. In particular, most SANE implementations are expected to support a network backend (net client) and a corresponding network daemon (net server) that allows accessing image acquisition devices through a network connection. Network access is useful in several situations:

The network protocol described in this chapter has been design with the following goals in mind:

  1. Image transmission should be efficient (have low encoding overhead).

  2. Accessing option descriptors on the client side must be efficient (since this is a very common operation).

  3. Other operations, such as setting or inquiring the value of an option are less performance critical since they typically require explicit user action.

  4. The network protocol should be simple and easy to implement on any host architecture and any programming language.

The SANE protocol can be run across any transport protocol that provides reliable data delivery. While SANE does not specify a specific transport protocol, it is expected that TCP/IP will be among the most commonly used protocols.

5.1 Data Type Encoding

5.2 Remote Procedure Call Requests

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